Multicompany Technical Traineeship

Job description in short

  • Challenging projects within multiple technical organizations;
  • Development Programme focussed on personal leadership, stakeholdermanagement and (technical) project management.
  • Coaching by your own ORMIT Talent Development Manager and guided intervision with fellow Trainees.
  • ORMIT is a great place to work!


Your master degree and technical mind-set are a great starting point, but to be effective in leading others in technical projects within various environments you need a lot more! We specialize in Traineeships and know what your talent needs to flourish in a technical context. We believe that to be succesfull, you need to see the bigger picture. Elevate your technical expertise and experience different environments at the interface of business and technology. Learn from the best in business and work towards your dream job with ORMIT coaches, your fellow trainees and our accomplished two year development programme:

  1. For a two-year period, you will be assigned to projects or roles in different complex and challenging corporate environment. You will learn on the job from the best in business. 
  2.  You will participate in an intensive two-year training programme focused on (personal) leadership skills, project and change management methods, digital expertise and stakeholder management.
  3. You will be assigned a personal Talent Development Manager (TDM). He/she will coach you on a personal and professional level and will guide you in your career. 
  4. Peer group coaching and intervision facilitates knowledge exchange and learning from fellow trainees. This means feedback that cuts to the chase, honest observations and enduring friendships.  
  5.  The ORMIT Experience; Being employed at a Great Place To Work with enthusiastic colleagues in a culture characterised by pride, energy and trust!

Push Technological boundaries through personal leadership!

You're here because you just received your msc degree in a technical field, and are looking for exciting oppportunities. But where to start? Roughly you have two options. Specialize more in the field you graduated in or broaden your view and focus on the business side of technical organisations. We can guide you through this process and we want you to experience the benefits of both. Ultimatly you will be able to forge connections between people, products and processes in a technical context.. We believe that is what you need to be succesfull in a technical environment.


Sonia Gómez Fuentes

Hear it from our Trainees!

Vidar van der Meijden
Marije Keizer


What we look for in our Technical Trainees

  • A technical or business-oriented degree;
  • 0 to 2 years' professional experience;
  • Strong affinity with technology and improvement precesses;
  • Completed relevant extracurricular activities in addition to their degree programme;
  • Good command of Englisch; This Multicompany Traineeship is also available for Englisch speaking young professionals who already study or work in the Netherlands;
  • Can-do mentality that allows them to convert ideas into results;
  • If you are an international English speaking young professional you have to be eligable to work in the Netherlands.

Are you interested? Then apply for this traineeship!

“Leaders in Technology are self conscious professionals, bridging the gap between people, business and technology”


ORMIT, De Bilt


Hourly Wage

follows from application





A technical or business-oriented degree